Simply getting patent for invention does not make a dime for the inventors, rather there are other skills you must be proficient at to benefit from your invention idea.

Your invention idea can benefit you if it is sold to any company, if its usage rights are licensed, or if you manufacture and market it on your own.

If you believe that patent selling is a child’s play, take a break. It may seem easy to hear and read but in actuality it involves a lot of practices and tactics that, if not implemented and materialized properly, may lead your innovative invention idea to dustbin or nowhere. So be cautious when you set out to sell your patent to any company, investor, stakeholder or interested party.

Let’s face it; the selling skill comes with time, but the one who has come up with an invention can only sell his/her invention in the best possible way. The passion and knowledge he/she achieved and invested to invent this invention will make him/her best represent the invention.

Whether you have experience in sales or not, simple steps that I am going to reveal below will certainly help you successfully market and sell your product.

First Step

  1. Find out an invention marketing company, which has carved a niche in the world of invention selling.

Check out some of its portfolios related to invention, patent and prototype. Enquire and investigate the company’s background to determine whether they are genuine or fake.

You can do so by reading online reviews, or by getting in touch with someone who has already availed and benefited from its services.

Second Step

  • You can gain some knowledge about the ways on how to roll out a new product into a competitive market, and educate yourself with the basics of a Sales Plan Creation.

Third Step

  • You must generate requirement for your invention from the grassroots. Remember, a successful sales strategy brings results right from the very beginning if it is efficiently and methodically implemented.

This normally begins with the marketing to independent retailers, and moving ahead to the mass-market chain stores.

Fourth Step

  • The new inventors with no knowledge of selling their patent can join an online network through which they can get connected to other inventors, investors, manufacturers, companies and interested parties.

Networks like these contain several types of intellectual property for sale. These automated networks have features that are easy-to-use and easy-to-implement. The buyers and sellers meet, decide, sell and buy on these platforms.

One of the best things about these networks is that they do not demand any type of renewal or commission fee on the sale of intellectual property.