If you have come with a revolutionary idea, it is highly recommended that you visit websites that are trustworthy and offer basic information for newbies and pros.

These websites have many free sample of confidentiality agreements, also known as NDA (non-disclosure agreements).

There are mainly two types of confidentiality agreements for you to select from and use; the first is a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA), while the second is a standard confidentiality agreement.

You can use both agreements royalty free and modify them as per your unique circumstances.

A confidentiality Agreement always helps in a situation when you share with and disclose to someone sensitive information about your invention. However when you consult with an attorney to seek legal advice, it is not necessary to have an NDA signed.

It is because the lawyers are already bound by law with strict confidentiality requirements that are actually far stricter than any Confidentiality Agreement.

Therefore, obtaining a confidentiality agreement is unnecessary when you either consult with an attorney or hire his/her legal advice or services.

Rules and regulations, which are applicable to patent attorneys and patent agents, require that any confidential information shared between you (inventor) and attorneys must be kept strictly confidential.

These restrictions are more stringent confidentiality requirements as compared to any other confidentiality agreement .  This also holds true when the patent attorney or patent agent represent you in court.

Following the Confidentiality rules and ethics rules, all the patent attorneys and patent agents have to confide in all communication even if they are not representing you.

The key reason is that you have professionally communicated with them to seek their legal advice and assistance that are highly confidential and privileged.

For further information on this topic, you can visit: uspto.gov and to verify whether an individual is a patent attorney or patent agent, you can visit here.

Thus, a confidentiality Agreement saves your idea or invention from the invention infringers and product poachers.