Submitting an idea is, though, a very complex process, once you pass through this process you become acquainted with what complexities an inventor faces during the process of filing a provisional patent application and non-provisional patent application.

So, do you have an idea that can revolutionize the lives of human kinds and bring about the socioeconomic development?

Then follow the guidelines below to avoid rejection of your patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Do you believe your idea is patent-worthy?

In order to submit an idea, it is important to note that you make sure whether your idea is patentable or not.

Remember, only the idea gets patented that is new, unique, useful and non-obvious.

Besides, the idea must also be from the categories like process, machines, article of manufacture, composition of matter or an improvement on any of those items. Apart from all these, no idea is patentable.

Delve deep to find your idea’s uniqueness!

Delving deep through the USPTO’s website and at other sources will help you find the uniqueness of your idea.

The more you research about your idea through the available sources, the better it is for your idea.

Remember there is only one patent for one patent, not many patents for one patent.

The patent application can be sent via fax but there is no permission of sending it via email.

Consult patent attorney and patent agent!

If you believe your idea is a million and billion dollars invention, then patent it as soon as possible.

While you can patent it on your own, consulting a professional attorney will help you save from the hassles of submission and the technicalities of patent application submission process.

I don’t mean you can’t do it, but hiring the services of patent attorney and patent agent will save your time and money.

It is also mandatory for those who are first time filing patent application.

The expert and experienced patent attorney are well aware of all the technical points and better understand the jargon of patent application submission.

Thus, the process of submitting a provisional patent application for your idea may seem a lengthy, but once your idea is patent, it remains safe and sound for up to 20 years.

And at the same time saves it from the product poachers and idea infringers.

So, what are you waiting for, just get it patented now!