A prototype has an essential role to play when it comes to bringing an idea to life. Yes, it is what gives life to your idea, and makes the later physically presentable to the prospective consumers, companies or stakeholders.

However, before you think of spending a dime on the production of your idea’s prototype, it is a must to know that you make yourself acquainted with the nitty-gritty of prototype production process.

As you know there are many unexpected complications that may arise when you choose to produce prototype for your invention idea.

This is why; hiring the services of prototype makers and prototype companies, machine shops or other options could be highly useful.

Though you can also make your idea’s prototype on your own, you may not be able to find the hidden problems that an expert prototype maker can.

So, let’s learn how to have an idea prototyped  ASAP. Below are given a few key steps  you need to follow for your prototype production.

  1. One of the first steps is to make a conceptual sketch of your invention, and then sketch out a comprehensive drawing. The drawings can be made either with a pencil on paper or you can get it done by an expert in drawing art who can draw your invention, as per your detailed description.
  2. Once you are with a drawing that is best drawn with all details of your great idea, get your drawing developed through a professional computer-aided design (CAD). A drawing is what you would need to exude to the prototype maker.
  3. Find out a shop or company that can make a prototype, following your CAD drawing and specifications. If your invention is built of metal, a machine shop can be considered the best recourse to get built your prototype.
  4. And if it’s built of plastic, it could be rapid-molded or machined, you should take assistance from the rapid prototyping service.
  5. Rapid prototyping works best when you want to have your prototype made within just a few days, but the problem with it might not be an accurate replication of what you want to sell.
  6. Or you may seek out the service of some engineering firms that too have expertise in idea prototype
  7. All the inventors, whether newbie or experienced with a lot of invention, are advised to get their prototype built unless they become satiated with its function and structure.
  8. It is likely that you may have your prototype made right at the very first try, but it doesn’t happen so most of the time.
  9. Odds are, you may require obtaining more than 1 prototype built to make a little left or required changes after encountering one or two problems.
  10. Now when you are fully satisfied with the function, features and structure of your product prototype, it’s time to show your idea’s prototype to prospective buyers, investors, companies and more.

As a final not, all the inventors are advised to consult an attorney before moving ahead with their idea prototypes as the world is full of product poachers who may steal your idea and benefit from it.