As you can see, it is very difficult to convey your invention to the one who has no idea about it.

Hence, it will be wise if you seek help from your patent attorney. You can fix a meeting with your attorney either in personal or by showing any drawing or prototype you built yourself or got it created by a professional prototype builder.

As you know if you work in tandem with a patent attorney, the process becomes smoother, for you can share all your concern related to your invention prototyping and patent process.

One of the best ways to choose a patent attorney in your area is through word of mouth, which means finding referrals and associating with those who may be having interests quite like yours.

You can join a local inventors club where you may find a number of people who might refer a good and affordable patent attorney for you. The list of registered patent attorneys at USPTO may also help you find patent attorney as per your budget and requirements.

Or you can simply make use of their database to find out your prospective patent attorney’s credentials.

While you are looking for a patent attorney, as per your invention’s requirements, make sure of their background and experience.

Ask them about their qualification, degrees and how many years they have invested in prosecuting and writing patents, and how many patents they have helped in granting to their clients.

If possible, get in touch with previous clients to learn about their experience with the patent attorney.

While seeking a patent attorney, the inventor must also bear in mind that they find patent attorney who has obtained specialization in the field your invention is associated with.

It is important to note here that patent attorneys aren’t equal in all areas. Where some patent attorneys are the engineering degree holder, other patent attorneys are skillful in the field of physics, biology, computer science and more.

You will not carry your newly-invented cell line to an electrical engineering patent attorney; rather you will prefer to go to a patent attorney who has a biology background so that he/she can help you get patented for your newly-invented cell line.

If your invention is basic, then opting for a patent attorney, who has a general mechanical engineering background, will help in saving you a little money.

Patent application writing is, though, a bit of an art, it requires a great deal of knowledge and specific technical detail that must go along with it.