A “patent search” is a legal patent service, which is conducted by a patent searcher.

The searcher carries out searches for published patent applications and granted patents.

The searcher does not make any other documents’ research during the process of a patent search; e.g., the patent search does not make research for news articles or technical papers on technology regarding your invention.

There exist two key types of patent searches: a U.S. Patent Search and a Foreign Patent Search.

However, it is important to note here that the U.S. patent search is one of the most common types of search that most of the companies choose to do.

Does the U.S. patent office require a patent search?

The U.S. Patent Office does not require a patent search. Though it isn’t suggested, an inventor is allowed to apply for a patent application without first making a patent search.

Why to do a patent search?

The key objective to get a patent search conducted is to make sure the prospective patentability of your invention.

In the absence of a patent search, a patentee does not learn what published or a patent application is available.

Below are listed the benefits that a patent search is able to offer you:

  1. It helps your patent attorney to draft the patent application taking into account the identified patents.
  2. It inspires to bring modification and improvement into your invention
  3. It helps in identifying the prospective patentability problems

U.S. Patent Search v. Foreign Patent Search

A U.S. Patent Search makes research just for granted United States patents and United States published patent applications.

A foreign patent search makes searches just for granted foreign patents in nations, e.g., Australia, European Nations, and Japan.

While foreign patent searches aren’t generally carried out due to the cost, and if they’re made, they always comprise a U.S. patent search as the United States boasts to have one of the biggest patent portfolios.

Patent search cost

Let’s face it; to have a patent search, an inventor has to pay very small amount of money, but applying for the patent application does require a huge amount of money and hassle that inventors normally want to avoid.

This is the reason why, hiring the services of companies like World Patent Marketing is the wisest option to make.