Previous inventions are today’s needs, and today’s needs become tomorrow’s invention. This cycle of present, past and future inventions go on and will continue to stay on as long as the human being will be using his creative bent of mind.

GPS devices, iPhone, iPad, Machines, Cappuccino and many more such things are now yesterday’s invention, but tomorrow there will be some more highly advanced and avant-garde technological products that will make the life easy and become the part and parcel of our daily lives.

Contrasting the above facts, I would say the easier is to imagine an idea, the tougher it is to submit that idea to the potential company as most of the inventors either shirk following the submission guidelines or do not show interest in proper and careful submission of their details into the given form.

In the article below I have tried to draw your attention to those three key steps that must be followed if you want your invention to save from the infringers and product poachers. So, let’s have a look.

  1. One of the first steps is to filling and sending a submission form that the company either sends to you or is available at its website. Read all the details before filling and then start feeding the details required by the form.
  2. The second step is to reviewing the confidentiality agreement. This contract works as a wall between both the company and inventor. When this NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is signed between both the parties, it assures the inventor that your invention lies with the safe hands. Do read Inventors Information Section available on company’s website to know about the submission process prices and additional expenses.
  3. This is last but not least step of this article. It requires you to pitch your idea. But before you step ahead, it is important to make sure if all the development process and angles are accurately and properly covered. In case, there is something left, you can complete up front.

While there are companies that offer partial services, some companies make use of their exclusive method to take care of all aspects of new product development. They are extensively experienced and are skilled enough in learning the art of tackling development hurdles that could arise while you submit your idea submission form to any company.