As I have already discussed in my previous articles that you have two key reasons to take your invention idea to market.

The first one is to either manufacture it on your own, or license it for royalties. Whatever you decide to go with all through this process will be propelled only by choice. Below are a few of key reasons why you should get your idea prototyped.

Why to get a prototype developed?

  1. When your prototype is not tangible or virtual, it creates a lot of difficulties for buyers to understand what you want to tell through your invention. This is why; if your invention undergoes the design and development process, chances for its success gets higher.  A prototype enlivens your idea by infusing life into it and makes it quite simpler for the evaluating person.
  2. A thoroughly designed and developed prototype helps in better understanding and working out the details of an invention. Finding out design weaknesses and flaws becomes a lot simpler when you check the invention.  Artwork and engineering drawings alone can’t “prove” the idea as a prototype can do – prototypes help in ensuring the invention would function as you wanted.
  3. Keeping a physical or virtual prototype helps in finding out main points that need to be added in the non-provisional and/or provisional patent applications. Filing a patent application prior to a prototype development can lead to leave out main facts from the patent application – essentials that can only be acquired with the help of prototype development. That’s why; I suggest if you are planning to get developed a prototype, it will be wise if you make it first, before filing a patent application.
  4. Patent drawings can be easily completed if the designer or developer has the model.
  5. Creating a functional prototype helps in determining the best manufacturing processes and materials.
  6. Your innovative invention could be changed on the basis of the prototype.

So, if you are looking to get your prototype built with a marketable and presentable throw, it will help your invention idea succeed and reach the target companies, consumers, investors and stakeholders.