After conjuring up an invention idea, the only question that keeps striking an inventor’s mind is, “How to sell my invention idea?” This is the question that involves a lot of tactics and practices to make an idea hit.

But due to not having enough knowledge about the submission process, some inventors are unable to strike the right cord and meet the failure of their invention. In view of  all that, I have tried to throw light over some key steps you can follow to sell your invention idea. Let’s have a look at them!

First Step

  1. Creating a robust marketing campaign is one of the first and foremost steps that you must take to successfully sell your invention idea. Websites, brochures and prototypes are some of the key tools you can use to make your invention idea public and tell them about the benefits of using your invention idea. With this process, you can get views of the general public and improve your invention to make it more attention-grabbing and alluring.

Second Step

  1. When you are done with the visual promotion of your website through websites, brochures and prototypes, it is time to search for companies that may show interest in your invention. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to make the prototype of your invention as much functional and presentable as possible. The more attractive is your prototype, the faster it will catch the attention of the potential companies, investors and capitalists. If all is well, then get ready to negotiate about the further processes and offers.

Third Step

  1. Professionalism plays an essential role when it comes to selling an invention idea. So, consider it as if you are going to appear for an interview where both you and your invention will have to answer the questions of the interviewer. Dress up professionally, keep all your necessary documents with you, prepare yourself properly to answer the questions that will be asked by the potential company, investor or interested party. Similarly, create an attractive and workable prototype of your invention. However do not blunder to share any material or detailed information unless both of you mutually agree to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).

Fourth Step

  1. Even after following the above 3 steps, you are unable to find a suitable way, you can get in touch with an attorney to seek his advice about the way of selling your idea. You can also join in some online platforms from where you may find better ways to sell your invention ideas. However, don’t forget to dig deep about the company that you find fit to sell your invention ideas.