It has become more than just a stiff task to make your brand or product popular through social media these days – no matter how you think to be making the most of this, all pervasive and efficient medium of communication.

Content on a colossal level has been churned out on a daily basis, as users usually upload 100 hours of video to YouTube in every sixty seconds, and likewise more than 4.75 billion pieces of ‘content’ stands to be shared on Facebook every twenty four hours.

The obvious reason behind this frenzy is that social media has opened up the avenues of growth for everyone – irrespective of the size and scale.

It is for everyone and you’re effort is as good or bad the effort rendered by your counterpart on the same social channel. You don’t stand a chance to patent your steps, or anything for that matter on a democratic, open medium like a social channel – once you have thought to participate in it.

So your moves are bound to inspire some, and a few may better them as well!

No matter how big or small your product is, you can earn instant popularity for it by uploading something interesting on the Internet in the form of an article, video, podcast or anything else regarding your product, which can get the attention of visitors or grab some eyeball.

Stats say, around 500 million new tweets continue to be published on a daily basis these days – and there has been a constant surge in the number of users and their tweets. And why just Twitter, Facebook or YouTube! There is Vine, Dailymotion, Instagram and WhatsApp to give company

Obviously, social media has emerged as the most potent tool to disseminate information in the twenty-first century, but we should not forget that the massive increase in the number of social-media users have also brought forth many changes on the forefront.

Thus, it is a huge task to get noticed amidst huge content, but smart and savvy companies have been coming up with unique viral advertisements or campaigns to reach more and more audiences every day.

Such ‘smart’ teams present these unique concepts in the form of videos or articles or infographics.

Some concepts or ads have become so popular because they were good quality, and they managed to hit the consciousness of users and compelled them to share the content with their friends on social media.

For social media lovers, a cool video is nothing less than a major invention – a component that can make like a little easier with a peppering of momentary fun – in a short period of time.

Campaigns vary! They can be funny, thought-provoking or pedantic! But at the end of the day, they all come with something special, which creates that much-needed ripple effect – required to create brand awareness or the ‘buzz’, as you and I know it, among the right group of people

One of the most important factors that drives these campaigns or make them highly successful is how the components cater to the emotional aspect of the products associated with the products that are being promoted.

Anything that touches human emotions, instantly finds an audience and consequently convinces people to share it with others – mostly, like-minded! Human emotions can be flared by presenting concepts – laced with humor, awe or some sort excitement – and it definitely yields some desired results.

Social media is a platform which provides equal opportunities to everyone. Even the big organizations have understood its importance and now-a-days they have been investing heavily in creating such concepts which can grab the eyeballs.

By blending some powerful ideas in the form of a video or article, companies can make inroads into a larger customer base and explore new horizons.

When are you giving it a go?