If you believe your newly invented idea would really blast the world, and under this impression you now plan to bring it forth to the public to market and benefit from it then take a break to get it patented first.

Yes, it is a bitter but true; unless you get patent for your invention, no matter how bright or luminous your idea is, it is of no use.

Otherwise disclosing it to someone may jeopardize your year’s long efforts and labor. The one and only way to get it done is to filing a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Though reading the above sentence could sound simple, filing application to obtain patent from the USPTO is, on the contrary, quite intimidating and tough.

In the article below, I have tried to outline five easy steps if followed properly, can make your patent application filing hassle-free and as simple as that.

Step 1: Write down all that you can about your invention idea

Give an accurate and elaborate account of your invention idea as much as possible. For example; what is it all about, how would it function, and how will it be promoted and marketed? It is better if the details of your invention are written in an inventor’s journal and have one of two witness’s signature on it.

Step 2: Research about your invention

Research as much as you can about your invention idea to determine its novelty, uniqueness and originality. You should also carry out a non-patent “prior art” search to ascertain if any kind of design or artwork similar to your invention idea is already existing or not. Besides, you are also advised to carry out a preliminary research about the targeted market where you want to sell your product.

Step 3: Don’t patent without prototype

Just as a patent makes your invention market-worthy similarly a prototype gives life to your idea. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you prototype your invention before hitting the selves of market.

Step 4: Get patent for your invention

While there are two ways to get a patent (primarily a utility patent or a design patent), such as filing it by yourself or hiring the service of a patent attorney or patent agent, one of the best option out of these two is to get it filed by an experienced patent attorney or patent agent. It is because they better understand the technicalities of patent application filing.

Step 5: Market Your Invention

Create a business plan to market your invention. The strategy you have developed to promote your invention must be implemented and materialized properly so that your time and money do not go waste rather bring out the expected results.